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Apply Now for a Town of Garrett Park Permit 

A Town of Garrett Park Permit is required whenever a new structure is
to be built, including a new house, shed, garage, pool, or similar structure, for additions, decks, porches, and for demolition of an existing house. Permits are also required for driveways, parking pads, curb or street cuts, or street closures. Call the Town Office at 301-933-7488, or reach out via email with permit questions.
Montgomery County requires permits for any structure above ground level
(not patios or driveways), including sheds, garages, decks, fences.
In addition to a Town of Garrett Park permit, 
a Montgomery County Permit is also required
for any alteration to a structure and for demolition.
Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services is located at 2425 Reedie Drive, 7th floor, Wheaton, MD 20902. 
In Montgomery County, call 311. Outside of Montgomery
County Call 240-777-0311. Office Hours are 7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday.
In addition to the Town Building Regulations linked below,
please review Section 715 & 716 for Town tree protections, and
Section 712 for Driveway/Parking Pads.
Landscaping in the Town Right-of-Way

Please be mindful of the Town Code requirements on landscaping, maintenance, and the use of the Town right-of-way planting strip - and especially the following:
Section 715 (a) (2): “On corner lots, no shrubs or planting of any kind exceeding 3 feet in height when fully grown shall be planted within 20 feet of the return of the curb line on said corner.”
Section 715 (a) (3) “In no case shall the unpaved street area of any Town street be landscaped in any manner that will inhibit or impede pedestrian use of a 5 foot wide walkway, sidewalk or pathway; provided, however, that this restriction shall not preclude the planting of grass or the laying of a brick walk or flagstone in such area.”
Generally speaking, Garrett Park lots have a Town right-of-way (ROW) that extends from the street into the yard of the property. The size of the ROW depends on the property, and you can determine your lot's Town ROW by looking at the ROW maps. Another Code provision relevant to landscaping in the Town ROW is below:
Section 715 (c) “No person who landscapes or otherwise maintains an unpaved street area dedicated to public use abutting his property shall be entitled to any right, title or interest in said dedicated right-of-way nor to any remuneration from the Town because of monies expended for landscaping...”
We appreciate your help in keeping our streets safe for fellow pedestrians and drivers.  


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Building Permit Procedures, Ordinances and Instructions13 documents

  • Town Construction and Building Permit Regulations
    document seq 1.00
    (Chapter 4, GP Code of Ordinances)
  • Overlay Zone
    document seq 2.00
    (from County Code)
  • Building Permit Guidelines
    document seq 3.00
  • Building Permit Instructions and Application.pdf
    document seq 4.00
  • Building Permit Check List.pdf
    document seq 5.00
  • Garrett Park Historic District
    document seq 6.00
    Map and Addresses affected
  • Montgomery County Historic Preservation Permit
    document seq 7.00
  • Tree Protection Ordinances - Section 715, 716
    document seq 8.00
    (Chapter 7, GP Code of Ordinances)
  • Tree Removal Guidelines
    document seq 9.00
  • Historic Area Tree Removal on personal Property
    document seq 10.00
  • Guide to Filing for Variances
    document seq 11.00
  • Variance Instructions and Application
    document seq 12.00
  • Variance Checklist
    document seq 13.00

Other Permits3 documents

  • Demolition Permit Instructions
    document seq 0.00
  • Driveway/Parking Pad Instructions
    document seq 0.00
  • Driveway/Parking Pad Ordinance (Section 712)
    document seq 0.00